Advanced Technologies


Scott Brownrigg, whose services comprise of architecture, masterplanning and interior design, in 2015 launched the new Advanced Technologies sector, headed by Director Iain Macdonald. The team utilises innovative analytical and design expertise to engage technology-led projects with advances in quality of life, environment and economic growth.

The Advanced Technologies team works with cities and clients globally to deliver real estate success through the integrated design of architectures, public space, brands, creative industries, power generation and data networks in what can be termed ‘Smart Development’.

Smart Block

Smart Block is a dense city node concentrating innovators, corporates, automated and clean tech activity in one connected place. It frees development from the twentieth century segregation of industry from city life in so much as it aims to transform the perception of contemporary production through the innovative architectural resolution of its structure and envelope. The envelope of the Smart Block becomes an active interface for both human and non-human factors. Parallel to its ability to actively control fluid dynamics and environmental exchanges it is an active element for the reconfiguration of space and positive public perception which in turn boosts real estate value. As several Smart Blocks are erected and occupied, complimentary development occurs in the space between until an economically vibrant urban neighbourhood is realised – an adaptive approach to development which brings political and financial return within a shorter timescale.

Smart Shed

Scott Brownrigg’s Advanced Technologies team has created “Smart Shed” an innovative building concept that integrates urban logistics with high value science and technology uses. It addresses the unprecedented pressures being faced within industrial zones and by activities located in high-growth urban settings to globally change use, realise higher values, increase densities and integrate new employment premises. The Smart Shed is a new urban productive facility for London. It unlocks value on London’s industrial land by delivering a flexible framework able to support urban logistics beside high-value productive activities and employment. Innovative spatial, structural and energy solutions are aimed at attracting businesses and communities increasingly involved in data storage & processing, advanced manufacturing, clean-tech and artificial intelligence. 

Click here to download Smart Shed. 

The Advanced Technology team have worked on various projects including High Rise Data; Moorside Nuclear CampusNuGen Vistitor Centre, Iride Business Quarter, Heathrow and Google.