Corporate Responsibility


Scott Brownrigg’s approach to Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) encompasses six cross-practice themes including Design, Technical, Training, Sustainability, Environment and Health and Wellbeing, alongside the practice' approach to Charity, Culture, and Communication, and Scott Brownrigg's commitments to Design Research, and Health and Safety.

The practice has set strategies, defined objectives and targets, and clarified ownership in each office and Scott Brownrigg has identified a number of KPIs that the practice intends to track over a number of years to gather data on trends and develop benchmarks. This is Scott Brownrigg’s third CSER Report and will be updated on an annual basis. From this year, the report content and format is in line with the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) Standards for Sustainability Reporting ‘core’ guidelines and we are delighted to share this publicly through our website.

The current CSER Report reflects data gathered in Scott Brownrigg's financial year 2016/2017.

Download our current CSER Report.

Scott Brownrigg has ISO 14001 accreditation. A copy of our Environmental Policy is available on request.