Design Research Unit (DRU) is an ideas-led centre of expertise at the heart of Scott Brownrigg.  It is simultaneously a knowledge base, think tank, school, driver for change, research and development body and ideas fulcrum.  It tackles design, technological, sustainability, economical and sociological factors that impact on the built environment. Through collaboration, both internally and with external bodies it aims to lead the way in incubating original thought, to develop intelligent design and innovative technical solutions to address these specific industry challenges, with an interest in Design through Research and Research through Design.

It ensures that there is a continual, considered rigour and robustness that makes a positive contribution at all levels of the architectural, planning and design process. This is partly achieved through regular formal and informal design reviews, which are carried out at every stage of a project to ensure consistency of quality.  The Unit also encourages the sharing of knowledge and the development of skills across the practice through cross-sector and subject-led symposiums and workshops.

DRU’s twice yearly publication – iA: Intelligent Architecture casts a spotlight on those fields of research and design activities that can make a difference to the practice and to a client’s projects, as well as on the individuals and groups that carried out that research. The Unit’s ethos is: research – discovery – intelligence – knowledge – disseminate.