Kent Schools POE

There is much debate in the education sector regarding the future direction of school design. On the one hand there is a desire by the Government to simplify the procurement process and to promote the use of standardised solutions that dramatically reduce capital cost, on the other is a growing recognition that there is a direct correlation between the built environment where teaching takes place and academic performance. In anticipation of the forthcoming Priority Schools Building Programme, Scott Brownrigg and Bilfinger Project Investments revisited two of the six schools in the Kent Schools PFI contract - Aylesford School Sports College and Hugh Christie Technology College,  that were designed in 2004, testing how the kit-of-parts approach has performed over time and considering what lessons are relevant to the current educational context. As part of this evaluation we also determined: the degree to which the designs achieved the Authority’s original objectives, the success of the design in the provision of an educational environment and the achievement of value for money.