Optimum Schools

The Design Research Unit is working with Galliford Try on a standardised approach to school design, entitled Optimum Schools. The model provides a considered, robust and deliverable solution to school design, using a ‘kit of parts’ approach to reduce construction costs and programme length, whilst retaining design and construction quality. 
Developed in consultation with education stakeholders, it provides highly functional and well designed, fit for purpose schools, which meet both the users’ needs, and the Government’s requirements. The ‘kit of parts’ is flexible, ensuring that a scheme can evolve in response to the requirements of the site and the aspiration of the end user. The concept ensures mechanical and electrical systems are simple and energy efficient, and offer the best value by keeping maintenance and running costs to a minimum.

Hillview School for Girls in Kent was the first scheme to be delivered using this approach. To watch a video of the completed school click here.