SubURBAN Villa

In the current challenging economic climate there is a real need for affordable housing for people who neither qualify for, or would consider, ‘pattern-book’ social housing, nor can afford ‘executive’ style villas. This is the motivation for a collaborative research and development initiative between Scott Brownrigg’s Design Research Unit, Cardiff University and the Centre for Research in the Built Environment (CRiBE) to create a ‘new suburban villa’.

The hypothesis is that there is a 21st century alternative to the limited number of building typologies currently available that may be developed from the lineage of the Garden Village and the SPAN developments of the 1960s.

The result of the project is the development of a series of housing prototypes that are driven by economy and affordability, yet are spatially generous and promote sustainable living.  They aim to be contemporary; pedestrian friendly but accessible; affordable and cost proven; CfSH Code 4 compliant; and crucially, be distinctive and local.

The research is being progressed with a number of industry supply chain partners in order to drive value and reduce waste and ensure that spatial integrity and quality are delivered.  MMC, modular systems and SIPS are all being reviewed and included, with one industry supplier due to commence the construction of one of the prototypes.

Part of the output will be to engage with both public and private sector suppliers of housing to influence the delivery of sustainable design and communities.