Michael Olliff

Managing Director

Photograph of Michael Olliff

Michael sits on the Strategic Board and is responsible for the Business Development Strategy for the practice and its international offices.

As sector champion for education at Scott Brownrigg, he has specialised in educational design since returning from the USA where he spent time attending the University of Cincinnati and working in Boston. Michael’s particular experience and interest lies in translating educational visions into architectural realities; exploring the role that design has to play in improving learning and raising standards.

Michael is very skilled in managing and coordinating the consultation process with client organisations, local authorities and other stakeholders.  His experience is balanced on both client and bidder sides, and he is involved in a variety of schools, colleges and universities both in the UK and internationally. Michael has been instrumental in delivering new educational models such as University Technical Colleges (UTC's), Studio Schools, and the award-winning Optimum Schools Methodology. Recent projects include The University of Reading Malaysia, Rydens Enterprise School and Southampton Solent University