Scott Brownrigg is a privately owned limited company that is 100% owned by its 64 working shareholders within the business as listed below. The shareholding team individually and collectively have an important pivotal role in shaping the direction of the business and in building its future success. This type of ownership structure is unique to the architectural profession and reinforces a robust succession plan that is helping to develop the future Practice leaders. With this shared ownership structure comes a sense of collective purpose which is helping to deliver tangible results.


Steven Anderson
Kim Balchin
Clark Barton
Nyasa Beale
Dagmar Binsted
Chris Blackadder
Alistair Brierley
Noel Brolly
Bruce Calton
Annabel Chapman-Smith
Barry Clarke
Neal Collins
Paul Collins
Darren Comber
Robert Cullen
Richard Davies
Claire Donald
Alex Donaldson
Erika Gemmell
Craig Goddard
Beatriz Gonzalez
Peter Griffiths
Rachel Hain
Ed Hayden
Martin Herman
Jonathan Hill
Paul Hogston
Glyn Hurrey
Ralph Isitt
Jon James
Anna Kulik
Jason Lebidineuse
Neil Macomish
Iain Macdonald
Nick Makemson
David Mason
Richard McCarthy
Mary Jane McQuillan
Ross McWatt
Fernando Mesquita
Katherine Neathercoat
Michael Oliff
Laurence Orsini
Aleksandra Paduch
Matthew Parslow
Nuno Patricio
Ian Pratt
Nigel Rayner
Ellie Macpherson
Joanne Rhodes
Nick Ridout
Maurice Rosario
Sarah Susman
Samuel Stevens
Helen Taylor
Andi Theokle
Oliver Thomas
Elizabeth Thompson
Paul Treweeks
Johann Van Rensburg
Tuan Vu
Steffan Williams
Ian Wood
Martin Wright