All's well at Endell; Scott Brownrigg's contribution to the London Festival of Architecture charts the history of a remarkable street


Alls well at Endell; Scott Brownrigg joins London Festival of Architecture with a street biography

As part of the London Festival of Architecture’s ‘Love your Street’ activities, architectural practice Scott Brownrigg is holding a free public exhibition entitled, “All’s well at Endell” celebrating the remarkable history of Endell Street, the street on which the practice’s London office is located. 

The title of the exhibition reflects the changes in prosperity of the street from the tenement slums of the 1700 and 1800s, which could very well be the inspiration for William Hogarth’s bawdy depictions of Gin Lane, to its current incarnation as a home for creative business.  The exhibition provides a history of the street by focusing on the specific buildings that have defined it.

Fortunes changed for Endell Street in 1845 when Sir James Pennethorne (architect and town planner) decided to clear a street to cater for the needs of the most underprivileged Londoners.  Thus Endell Street was conceived; and since then this single London street has made an incredible contribution to the development of medicine, both as the home for the first suffrage hospital where female doctors treated soldiers injured at the Somme during the First World War, and as the location of the first kidney dialysis in 1961.  It also has a long history of bathing!

A team from Scott Brownrigg has spent the past few months, photographing the street and its occupants, researching its history and interviewing members of the local community about their experiences of the street; what it is that makes them ‘love their street’; and how they would like to see it improved. 

To find out more - come and see the exhibition at 77 Endell Street.  It is free and open to everyone.

Dates:   21 June to 2 July 2010 
Opening times:   Week days: 10am - 6pm 
  Saturday 26 June: 10am - 5pm 
  Sunday 27 June: 10am - 2pm 
Venue:   Scott Brownrigg, 77 Endell Street, London, WC2H 9DZ 
Tel: 020 7240 7766 
Nearest tube:    Covent Garden/ Holborn/ Tottenham Court Road 

Follow the exhibition and find out more about the other activities at the LFA website here