Ground Breaking Ceremony at Diori Hamani International Airport


On 5 July the President of Niger, President Mahamadou Issoufou and the CEO of SUMMA Construction, Mr Selim Bora, attended the ground breaking ceremony for the new International Terminal and Presidential pavilion to Niger in the capital city of Niamey.

Scott Brownrigg is the Lead Designer for the new 14,000 sq m International and Domestic Terminal which allows for 100% area expansion. The scheme will also deliver the refurbishment of the existing terminal, airside runway, new parallel taxiways, a utility centre including electrical generation and substation, water chillers and water tanks, as well as the provision of a 2,500 sq m Presidential pavilion.

The Diori Hamani International Airport is located in a sub-Saharan zone of low relief, eight kilometres southeast of the city, on a plateau overlooking the left bank of the Niger River and the terminal facilities are located south of the airport area, and the military installations in the North West, near the Talladje district.

The architectural expression of the new terminal and the Presidential pavilion are extremely important as they form the new gateway to the country. The new passenger terminal with its sweeping curved roof projects a dynamic movement towards the airside echoing the concept of movement. It is also enriched by local motifs and patterns that provide a sense of place and belonging.

The semi-circular plan form of the Presidential pavilion with its outer conical shell is finished in timber slats and echoes regional forms and building material. Whilst the form is dynamic by its nature and perhaps inwards looking, a projected form breaking the outer shell form a processional formal entry to the shell from the airside for visiting Presidents and dignitaries.

SUMMA have set themselves an incredible target to complete these terminals and for them to be operational within 11 months.

Watch an animation of Diori Hamani International Airport.