Interior Design at Butlins Blue Skies


Interior Design at Butlins Blue Skies

Scott Brownrigg Interior Design have created a contemporary, luxurious interior design scheme for the accommodation at Butlins’ new ‘Timeshare’ holiday resort, BlueSkies in Minehead. 

Following on from the introduction of Butlins’ first boutique hotel, they have now launched ‘BlueSkies,’ a new time share style scheme where members acquire the most stylish accommodation ever offered at Butlins. A spacious, modern holiday apartment building set slightly apart from the main resort but on the edge of the sea and close to the stunning scenery of Exmoor, BlueSkies has VIP treatment and the highest level of technology access. The building design, by Holder Mathias, is influenced by the art deco style and conceived to be a landmark that will enhance the skyline of Minehead, with its style of architecture, alluding to the great days of the 1920’s and 1930’s when “seaside” architecture was at its peak. 

Butllins’ brief to Scott Brownrigg Interior Design was to create apartments with an atmosphere that the holiday makers would aspire to have in their homes.  The furniture and fittings needed to be economical, robust and contemporary. An element of fun had to be present as the apartments needed to attract families as well as professional couples. 

As explained by Adré Perfect, Associate, Scott Brownrigg Interior Design: “We set out to create an ambience that would be light, bright and understated.  We achieved this by using white wall paint and bone white porcelain floor tiles in all areas.  This has resulted in visually opening up the apartment and creating an illusion of spaciousness.”  

Instead of designing normal suspended ceilings Scott Brownrigg Interior Desgn have created bulkheads around the perimeter of the rooms.  This divides the long living room into the sitting, eating and kitchen areas.   The designers then made use of the bulkheads by recessing down-lighters to illuminate the areas that they want to enhance. Furniture and fittings are selected for quality as well as aesthetic details. The furniture lines are low level in order not to obstruct the view and although a simple design, have enough detail to create interest. 

Scott Brownrigg Interior Design answered Butlins’ brief by creating a contemporary atmosphere with a homogenous selection of furniture, fabrics and finishes.  The result is a relaxing atmosphere that is easy on the eye, welcoming and easy to maintain.