Scott Brownrigg's Phase/Dynamics Exhibition forms part of the London Festival of Architecture


As part of the London Festival of Architecture 2015, international design practice Scott Brownrigg is holding a free public exhibition entitled “Phase/Dynamics” in the Gallery Space of its Endell Street office.

The exhibition is an expression of accumulation and synthesis in the design process focuses on the transcendental dimension of architecture. It aims to educate and highlight the direct, clear and subtle collective outputs of each RIBA Work Stage.

The exhibition launches with a free interactive workshop on Saturday 6 June which allows members of the public, design professionals and architectural students to consider the purpose of architecture and design as a way to encrypt ideals, to which people can relate to with their own creativity and visionary thoughts.

Through engaging such a timely and provocative topic, we want to provide visitors with the opportunity to explore their own creativity together with building a better understanding of the architectural educational model and the contemporary architectural process of professional immersion.


Free Public Exhibition: Open daily from 10am to 8pm from Monday 8 June to Friday 12 June 

Public Open Day Workshop: 10am – 8pm on Saturday 6 June