Planning permission submitted for Scott Brownrigg Carbon Neutral Eco-Mansion, Medmenham


Scott Brownrigg has been commissioned by LaSalle Investment Management and Lamron Developments (Medmenham) Limited to design a new Eco-Mansion in Medmenham, Buckinghamshire

The 33,000 sq ft, three storey dwelling provides an exemplar design, utilising ground breaking techniques and outstanding sustainability credentials, to target a carbon neutral building.

The dwelling incorporates 12 bedrooms, garaging and stabling, a natural swimming lake plus excellent staff accommodation.

The building’s appearance is designed to fold into its surroundings, with the outstretched wings of the garage and stables meeting the earth, whilst the ground flows up and envelops them.

Energy will be provided by its own ‘Solar Energy Farm’ which will incorporate Glasshouse Solar Capture, whilst the waste bedding and manure provided by the integrated stabling will be used as a feed stock for a bio mass energy plant. 

Planning permission has recently been submitted, with numerous letters of support from local residents.