Planning secured for Hitchin Campus, North Hertfordshire College


Scott Brownrigg Planning has helped to secure planning permission for the major refurbishment of North Hertfordshire College Hitchin Campus. The permission includes the creation of a new internal ‘Hub’ space and the refurbishment of three teaching blocks. 

The approved scheme, designed by Scott Brownrigg, restructures the existing provisions on the Hitchin Campus; promotes site presence, unifies the campus and establishes a flexible learning environment to provide an accessible, high quality student facility.

The Hub is located between the existing buildings in a space that is currently an external courtyard.  It will form the central focus of the scheme and provide 600 sq m of much sought after additional space for learning and social interactions, while acting as a point of orientation and linking the existing buildings through the rationalisation of circulation routes.

In unifying the existing buildings a greater connectivity is encouraged between the disciplines, promoting interaction and knowledge transfer, while providing an accessible, high quality student facility to meet the vision of North Herts College as it seeks to attract students and customers alike.

The free flowing nature of the Hub roof reflects and utilises the differing nature of the existing buildings, benefiting from natural daylight through its northerly aspect and adding drama and impact to the space below.

The proposed refurbishment of the existing buildings allows for an upgrade of the external fabric and the reorganisation and reconfiguration of internal spaces to improve the quality of teaching spaces and provide an environment that better reflects the culture of theoretical learning and practical skill based training that North Herts College are evolving. Through the rationalisation of the spaces, new suits of rooms can be created, allowing for traditional teaching, supported by zones which more readily support small group work and provide flexibility for future learning methods.

The approved proposal has been developed as part of an holistic masterplanning strategy for the 110,000 sq m Hitchin site and developed in close consultation with stakeholder groups at North Herts College, including the senior leadership team, staff and Property Board. 

Scott Brownrigg Planning advised on the preparation of the planning application and co-ordinated detailed pre-application consultation with Officers at North Hertfordshire District Council.