RTPI Planning Convention - workshop report


Following our RTPI Small Consultancy of the Year Award, Scott Brownrigg Planning was delighted to have been asked to run a workshop at the RTPI's 2011 Planning Convention.  The team asked participants to critique the current approach to public exhibitions, to inform on whether they give the public a positive image of the profession and whether they can aid the public's understanding of planning.

A role-planning exercise was initially set up to focus minds.  Individuals within the planning team played the role of inquisitive members of the public, each group was asked to respond to that person.  Feedback from the group exercise allowed the planners in each group to look at how other planners responded in this situation.  Positively, it was observed that planners have an ability to explain concepts simply, but there is a tendency to use jargon and to fall back on well-worn planning phrases and clichés.

The workshop provided a stimulating and lively exercise, with results and feedback enabling us to enhance our advise to clients in the future.