Scott Brownrigg co-hosts The 2011-2012 Business & The Environment Best Practice Awards


Our endeavours, when it comes to setting and implementing environmental best practice is mission critical, not just for our businesses, stakeholders, and the community, but for the future of our planet.

The inaugural Business & The Environment Best Practice Awards launched by DECISION magazine and co-presented by Scott Brownrigg, and RT Media earlier this year, recognise those companies within the central south of England who demonstrate such credentials, and are pro-actively embracing environmental considerations within their business practices.  The awards demonstrate that taking a lead environmentally and in terms of sustainability is a commercial imperative to gain a competitive edge - it’s not something which should be driven by compliance - and the process needs to be proactive and embracing, not reactive and box-ticking. The award categories relate to business process and the market sectors which have most influence on the region’s economy and include: Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Process Engineering, Energy Utilisation, Implementation of Environmental Statement, Construction, Transport & Logistics, the Built Environment, Leisure and Tourism, Food and Drink, Business Services. 

The unique quality about the awards is that no company can put themselves forward to be nominated; 5000 companies in the south were tracked, with shortlists and winners identified from research, with their credentials independently evaluated against the following foundation attributes:
- Having ISO4001 accreditation or adherence to EMAS, PA52050 protocols.

- Environmental responsibility being an intrinsic part of company culture, defining interaction and relationship with   employees, customers, and suppliers.

- Strategic consideration of the environment, with impact and improvement embedded as considerations within the business model and decision-making framework.

- A desire to set benchmark standards rather than being driven by legislative/regulatory demands.

- Tangible, demonstrable results - seeing the monitoring of progress as a measure of company performance.

- Continuity - environmental responsibility as holistic in approach rather than a series of stand-alone initiatives.

The award presentation evening, held on 17 October saw the following companies’ recognised:

IBM - Supply Chain Award
Colt International, Morgan Contract Furniture, Nikwax, Screen Solutions - Manufacturing Awards
Ceres Power, Diverse Energy - Energy Utilisation Awards, TMO Renewables - Environmental Process Awards
NATS - Implementation of Environmental Statement Award
Eco-Slab - Environmental Product Award
Wates Group - Construction Industry Award
Big Yellow Group - Built Environment Award
C Brewer & Sons - Transport & Logistics Award
Bowlplex - Leisure & Tourism Award
Pureprint Group - Print & Packaging Award
Selecta UK - Food & Drink Award
Harvey & Sons (Lewes) Ltd - Food & Drink Award
RSA Group PLC - Business & Financial Services Award

Jonathan Hill, Chairman of Scott Brownrigg commented:

“Scott Brownrigg is absolutely delighted to have been ask to co-host the inaugural Business and the Environment, Best Practice Awards. As one of the top design practices in the UK, providing architectural, town planning and interior design services, we are strong advocates of being knowledge leaders rather than followers in all aspects of our work. We also play an important role in generating sustainable built environment solutions for our clients. In the current market we are all being asked to do more with less, and it is essential that environmental considerations are a key driver, so that projects meet today's needs and those of the future.

These recognized businesses have received awards because they have invested wisely, achieved exceptional results, and have successfully demonstrated the advantages that can be delivered to their businesses and the community”.