Scott Brownrigg completes new gateway student reception and residence building at the University of Surrey


Scott Brownrigg has completed a new 2,430sq m student reception and residence for the University of Surrey.  The three-storey landmark building provides a gateway to the University’s Manor Park campus, and comprises of 42 en-suite bedrooms with kitchenette and bathroom facilities, designed to a very high standard. The building also incorporates a full service kitchen, café lounge, bar area and student meeting facilities.

Responding to its location and context, this distinctive modern landmark incorporates a dynamic curved sweep of rippled zinc cladding which wraps around the feature stair and links to the angled canopy beyond.

This zinc canopy, above the reception and café lounge space appears to be unsupported by columns and is folded down on the south-western elevation to protect the café from exposure to the midday sun. The café lounge has a fully glazed and recessed elevation with sliding doors onto the terrace for summer use.  With a diamond plan shape, it creates an exciting continuous space, visually connecting the reception and the entrance, with fixed furniture installations forming the divisions between the different zones. 

Above the zinc café lounge, a more traditional elevational treatment has been applied to the rooms on the first and second floors.  Reflective of the context and adjacent buildings this comprises of dark anodised aluminium windows combined with blue black engineering brick panels within a red brick elevation. A recessed dark mortar joint gives the reception building a subtly modern appearance.  

On completion Professor Steven Baker the Development Director at the University of Surrey said: “The University is absolutely delighted with this superb new building, and appreciates the very high standard of the design and the finished quality”.