Scott Brownrigg Create Waves in Cardiff Bay


Architects Scott Brownrigg have created a spectacular new Multi Story Car Park in Cardiff Bay. Dubbed, "The Coolest Car Park in Cardiff", this 1238 space car park is the first of 11 buildings proposed in the Cardiff Waterside Commercial scheme with Morley Fund Management - a £150m development with 550,000 square feet of Grade A office space.  Beautifully representing the rich nautical heritage of Cardiff Bay, with stunning 21st Century design, the recently opened £11million multi storey car park will be a landmark building in the revitalised Cardiff Bay. 

The dramatic light wave facing Cardiff is intended to promote both the Bay and the new development. This 120m long, 17 storey high experience incorporating a 120 one metre wave structures of stretched fabric, has a programmable light show of blue and white lights which bounce off the stretch fabric sails, reflecting the movement of the waves in the Bay.   

Julian Cheek, Architectural Director, Scott Brownrigg, stated:  

“This dramatic 17 storey building acts as a billboard for future development by The Cardiff Bay Partnership and as such demands the highest attention to detail to create the right effect. The building features a rippled, wave like effect on the northern facing wall and strategically placed illuminations flood the area with a blue glow. Individual lights then stand out like the crests of waves on a choppy sea." 

Scott Brownrigg used T8 Linear Fluorescents to light the dramatic stretched fabric sails. The white and blue lamps are linked to a DALI DIGITAL control system which creates mood patterns throughout the façade. The western core, fronting onto the Welsh Millennium Centre­, expresses vibrant colours through window openings and at night, these colours are reflected out onto the street to act as an attractor for visitors.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­  Security was one of the primary focuses when Scott Brownrigg were designing the car park. 

There are 80 CCTV cameras which will be constantly monitored by staff on-site to provide assistance. Another consideration which Cardiff Waterside feel passionately about is sustainability and it is with this in mind that a car pooling scheme has been agreed with parking specialists Apcoa. The scheme will be developed through an estate-wide Cardiff Waterside extranet. 

Scott Brownrigg have certainly fulfilled the brief to design a cutting edge multi storey car park, as this is the only example of its kind in the world, as far as we are aware.  Scott Brownrigg is an international architectural practice with a heritage spanning almost 100 years.  In recent years the practice has consistently been rated in the top 20 of the UK's top 100 practices and has worked on some of the UK's largest projects.   

Scott Brownrigg unites architects with planners, masterplanners, urban designers, interior designers and graphic artists in one practice, combining creativity with a wealth of professional expertise and market insight.