Scott Brownrigg launches design-led Instagram competition for one week’s work experience prize


This summer Scott Brownrigg is debuting their first design-led photography competition on Instagram with a prize for one lucky winner to win a week’s work experience within the architecture or interior design team in London.

The competition is an opportunity for architectural and interior design students alike to showcase their artistic eye for capturing the built environment, both externally and internally whilst exploring the space it occupies, the atmosphere it evokes, and the attention to the materials, texture, movement and detail it carries. The winning image will be judged on its creativity and originality.

In addition to the prize of working within either the architecture or interior design team for a 5 day work experience program, the winner shall be provided with a travel allowance if living in London, or if located outside of London shall be provided with 5 nights’ paid accommodation. In either instance the winner shall also be awarded a daily lunch allowance, and being situated in the heart of Covent Garden will certainly be spoiled for choice!

How to enter

To enter, simply post your photo on Instagram and tag @ScottBrownriggltd . In order for entries to be submitted, all photo entries must include a short caption explaining why they feel they deserve to win the prize, and include the university or institute they are currently studying at.


All entries must be posted by midnight, 1 September 2017.


Criteria, Terms and Conditions

 - Photography will be judged on the photographer’s interpretation of the built environment, exploring nuances of the image’s sense of space, atmosphere and materials.

 - As a creative and design-led competition, the use of filters and effects shall be allowed; however images should not be layered or distorted in order to adhere to the criteria for submitting.

 - Each participant can only submit a maximum of two photo entries.

 - For entries to be considered for the prize, each submitted photo must tag the @scottbrownriggltd on Instagram, and include a short description in the participants own words on why they feel they are deserving of the prize, and the university or institute they are currently studying at for reference.

 - Entries must tag @Scottbrownriggltd on Instagram so the entry can be officially logged for consideration.

 - Last entries must be posted by midnight, 1 September 2017.

 - The competition will be judged by a selection of members from Scott Brownrigg’s management team and the 20 runners up will be announced on 27 September 2017.

 - Those shortlisted shall be notified via Instagram with a message to make contact with Scott Brownrigg. An invitation will then be sent to attend the award ceremony at Scott Brownrigg’s London head office where the winner shall be announced.

 - Judging panel: The winning image will be judged on the photos creativity and originality for capturing the built environment, and the reason given for why the entrant feels they are deserving of the week’s work experience with the practice.

 - Usage rights: By entering your images into the competition, you grant permission for Scott Brownrigg to have an exclusive license to reproduce the images for marketing purposes, including social media.

 - Copyright and reproduction: You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright for all images entered. 

 - By entering the Instagram competition, you agree to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and comply fully with them.


Prize Conditions

 - The winner shall be announced at the Instagram Competition’s Award Ceremony in London (date tbc).

 - Depending on the winners area of study, the work experience shall be planned in accordance with either the architecture or interior design team and take place at Scott Brownrigg’s London head office in Covent Garden.

- The work experience shall be for 5 working days. Dates and details of the placement shall be finalised with an agreed contract following the announcement of the winner.

 - The week’s work experience shall be unpaid, however for winners located outside of London 5 nights’ paid accommodation shall be provided and a daily lunch allowance, and if living in London then travel shall be compensated for. All other expenses if travelling from outside must be supplied by the winner.