Scott Brownrigg Interior Design create more interior toppings for PizzaExpress


Scott Brownrigg Interior Design have created schemes for a number of PizzaExpress Restaurants. Fulham Road is the second PizzaExpress restaurant Scott Brownrigg Interior Design have redesigned, as part of their exciting new initiative to reinvent the chain through its interiors. 

The brief asked Scott Brownrigg Interior Design to design a series of contemporary and original interiors for the well known pizza restaurant chain whilst retaining specific elements of their corporate identity. Ever since the first PizzaExpress opened in the 1960’s the restaurant chain has had a strong commitment to the interior design of their restaurants.

The Fulham 1 branch is one of the oldest in the chain and for this reason has a strong sense of history.  Enzo Apicella’s original target murals run the length of the restaurant and formed the basis for many of Scott Brownrigg Interior Design’s design decisions.  The ceiling received a dramatic new treatment to create a slick new finish and lowered bulkhead detail.  This was delineated with coloured stripes complementing the target colours, which continue down the glazing drawing you into the space.  Unique design touches such as the Mary Quant style flower symbols on the toilet doors pay reference to the local heritage.  The combination of contemporary finishes such as the funky purple rubber flooring and the historic murals work well to bring the interior into the present day whilst not neglecting its past.