Scott Brownrigg introduces innovative building concept Smart Shed


Scott Brownrigg has introduced Smart Shed, an innovative building concept integrating urban logistics with high-value technology uses.

Scott Brownrigg’s Smart Shed is contributing to a wider value proposition carried out by Savills, and a key element of a new approach to masterplanning industrial development in London. This joint effort recognises the increasing interest in re-tooling urban industrial land to realise higher values, increase density and appropriately find new formats for contemporary productive and creative activities in metropolitan environments.

The brochure illustrates several concepts put forward by leading architectural practices that show innovative thinking on new approaches to masterplanning industrial development.

The spatial logic behind Scott Brownrigg’s Smart Shed is based on the extensive building and planning experience of the Advanced Technologies team. Smart Shed unlocks the value on London’s industrial land by delivering a flexible framework able to support urban logistics beside high-value productive activities and employment.

Tommaso Franzolini, associate of Scott Brownrigg’s Advanced Technologies team explains:

The Smart Shed is a new urban productive facility for London. The design features innovative, spatial, structural and energy solutions aimed at attracting businesses and communities increasingly involved in data storage and processing, advanced manufacturing, clean-tech and artificial intelligence.

Scott Brownrigg’s Advanced Technologies

Scott Brownrigg whose services comprise of architecture, masterplanning and interior design, launched in 2015 the new Advanced Technologies sector, headed by Director Iain Macdonald. The team utilises innovative analytical and design expertise to engage technology-led projects with advances in quality of life, environment and economic growth.

Scott Brownrigg’s Advanced Technologies team helps cities and clients globally to deliver real estate success through the integrated design of architectures; public space, brands, production, power generation, data networks and transportation.

Click below to view the Savills 'New Approaches to Masterplanning Industrial Development' brochure.