Scott Brownrigg launches 'No Place Like Home'


Scott Brownrigg, in collaboration with The University of Brighton and several academics, architects and artists, is launching a series of week-long research installation projects that will take place between November 2009 and February 2010, at Scott Brownrigg’s gallery in Covent Garden.  Initiated by Scott Brownrigg and Dr Ivana Wingham, senior lecturer at The University of Brighton, No Place Like Home aims to explore the design of public spaces through experimental projects that hope to engage the architectural community, academics and the public.

Each installation will focus on one of four European cities, Athens, London, Tallinn and Milan, exploring how history, personal or public boundaries, narratives and cultural pre-conceptions might be used as design tools to transform a public space.  In our times of a global economy, global networking and global architecture, the installations will examine our specific, individual encounters with these global cities. As the American artist Vito Acconci’s commented about this personal experience, public space is leaving home’.

The series of installations will be open to the public commencing on 2 November with ‘ Temporary Urban Garden’, designed by Dr Wingham.

Venue:                         Scott Brownrigg, 77 Endell Street, London, WC2H 9DZ                                   

T:  020 7240 7766           W:        More information                       


02 Nov-13 Nov 2009      ‘Temporary Urban Garden’

Dr Ivana Wingham academic and architect in collaboration with Dr Roderick Lumsden IT consultant

30 Nov-11 Dec 2009      ‘Public Space Privacy’

Angus Leadley Brown photographer

11Jan-15 Jan 2010        ‘Tallin Shadow Memory’

Reet Aus fashion and theatre designer and Ville Hyvönen cross-disciplinary media-artist

08 Feb-12 Feb 2010      ‘Territories of Misbehavior’

Frank O’Sullivan presenting a collaboration between University of Brighton and Milan Polytechnic 


Opening times:            Monday to Friday 10am - 5pm 

A lecture and debate evening, in relation to each installation, will take place on the Thursday evening of each week from 6pm, to discuss the issues raised by the installations and the week’s public commentary.  At the conclusion of the series an invite-only symposium will be held by Scott Brownrigg to discuss the series, the results of which will be published as a book and on Scott Brownrigg’s website.

First Installation Overview 

The first event is Temporary Urban Garden, an installation project that explores demarcations in public space in Athens focusing on the city’s rooftops. Public space occupation in the ancient city of Athens is closely linked to the history of the city and mythical festivals. In this multi-media installation, project clues from a Greek myth and the presence of female sexuality in Mediterranean images and smells of spices are transferred and translated into a critical proposal – a temporary urban garden. The project evokes boundaries of occupation in the past and the present city of Athens using visual animations, gentle physical topography and recreations of particular smell sensations.The exhibition is a practice-led research project by Dr Ivana Wingham academic and architect in collaboration with Dr Roderick Lumsden IT consultant.

Biographies - Dr Ivana Wingham & Dr Roderick Lumsden

Dr Ivana Wingham is an architect graduated from the University of Belgrade, Architectural Association and The Bartlett, London. She is also Senior Lecturer and Subject Leader of Master in Architectural Studies at the University of Brighton. She is engaged in an interdisciplinary approach to design concerned with innovative, creative processes, mobility of representation and public space practice-led research.Dr Roderick Lumsden is a free-lance IT consultant who graduated from Cambridge with a Genetics degree and Diploma in Computer Science.