Scott Brownrigg presents at RIBA’s Improving Gender Diversity in architecture event


On the 6 March, International Women’s Day, the RIBA in collaboration with Dezeen will be hosting an evening that focuses on improving gender diversity in architecture.

Helen Taylor, Director of Practice at Scott Brownrigg, will be presenting on how Scott Brownrigg is addressing equality across the Practice. Helen is well recognised through her collaboration with industry bodies; she was a founder member and co-chair of Architects for Change, the RIBA’s Equality & Diversity Forum; Chair of the RIBA Inclusive Design Committee; and Convenor of the RIBA Schools Client Forum.

The aim of the evening is to:

• Put a business case forward as to why gender diversity is good for productivity and profitability

• Review current succession and career development plans

• Put forward practical examples and takeaways of how practices can integrate gender equality as a key part of their business strategy and improve gender diversity at senior levels

Alexandra Hagen CEO, White Arkitekter will also be joining the panel to discuss to how White Arkitekter have successfully created an inclusive workplace. The evening will end with a brief panel discussion chaired by Marcus Fairs, founder and editor-in-chief of Dezeen.

In 2017 the RIBA recognised Scott Brownrigg as an industry Role Model. Investing in the culture of the Practice and the people is at the core of the Practice’s DNA. Scott Brownrigg has evolved to be a much less hierarchical business and more focused on attracting, retaining and developing diverse talent. 52% of the management team are female, whilst there are 33 different nationalities in the business and a wide employee age range from 21 to 72. The Practice is also 100% owned by 64 employee Shareholders. Click here to read more about Scott Brownrigg as an industry Role Model.

Image credit: Courtesy of Leyla Reynolds for Dezeen