Scott Brownrigg’s Priit Jürimäe wins Design Circle RSAW South Drawing Competition


Scott Brownrigg is delighted to announce that Priit Jürimäe from the practice’s Cardiff office has for the second year in a row won first place in the Design Circle (RSAW South)  Skyline Competition.

Organised by the Design Circle (RSAW South), the competition challenged entrants to recreate an 'Iconic Welsh Landscape' across either Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend or Merthyr Tydfil – either a realistic or abstract representation and pictured in the year 2108.

The catch was that each entrant had to represent their vision with a single, continuous hand-drawn line on landscape A3 white or tracing paper. The line had to terminate on the right and left sides of the page and the whole design had to be completed without removing the pen’s nib from start to finish.

Design Circle RSAW South hope to exhibit the winner and selected entrants from the competition as part of the Wales Festival of Architecture, and potentially elsewhere.