Scott Brownrigg submits design for Tom Vac Chair Competition


To celebrate 15 years of Ron Arad’s Tom Vac chair, Vitra invited over 20 leading architecture and design studios to reinterpret the iconic design as part of Clerkenwall Design Week 2014.

The full collection of one-off chairs is forming a public exhibition called ‚’Tailor My Tom Vac‘, opening at Vitra’s London space on Tuesday 20 May.

The brief:  ‘To explore both novelty and memory in design, art and architecture’, which echoes Arad’s original brief from architecture magazine Domus in 1997 to create a temporary totem pole in Milan. Arad responded by using vacuum-formed metal to design the Tom Vac chair, 100 of which he stacked to a height of 16 metres in Via Manzoni.

’Tailor My Tom Vac’ invited the participating designers to approach the brief as a pure concept, with no restrictions on medium or discipline, in line with Arad’s original response. Celebrating Arad’s relish for how things fold, join, twist, and combine, keeping the concept pure and detached from market differentiations, the participants are urged to embrace a ‘no discipline’ method. The Tom Vac chair is regarded as one of the world’s most innovative chairs, born out of Arad’s ability to adopt new processes. It demonstrates his own refusal to be categorised as a designer, an architect, a craftsman or an artist. 

Ron Arad says: “I enjoy giving an unexpected answer to an open question. That’s the attitude I had in the first place, and the result was a chair. The fact that it’s still being made is because it does exactly what it set out to do – it stacks well, and does its job. It’s very interesting to see other people taking the same idea and expressing their responses. Inspiration comes from strange places sometimes, so it’s good to know that Tom Vac is being used as a starting point as well as being an end product.”

Scott Brownrigg’s design response "mVac+ don’t sit, just listen" moulds the curved form into a gramophone-shaped speaker for a smart phone dock. 

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The winner will be announced on Thursday 22 May.

Exhibition details

Date    : Tuesday 20 May – Thursday 22 May 2014
Time   : 9.30am – 5.00pm
Location  : Vitra, 30 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5PG 
: Free to attend