Scott Brownrigg's Smart Shed features in NLA’s latest Insight Study


London's Towns: Shaping the polycentric city is part of the latest Insight Study by New London Architecture (NLA) and includes Scott Brownrigg’s Smart Shed concept as part of the research. 

Including interviews with key experts and in-depth research, the Insight Study explores the future of the capital’s outer urban centres, exploring the next wave development taking shape and looking ahead to how the capital could be strengthened as a truly polycentric city - creating a sustainable, liveable city. 

The Smart Shed approach by the Advanced Technologies team is a multi-storey urban productive facility for London. It unlocks value and liveability on precious industrial land now recognised by mayors as essential for cities to succeed. Smart Shed layers urban logistics, innovators, and infrastructure within a compact and environmentally efficient envelope. Its innovative design is aimed specifically at integrating storage and distribution processes with compatible businesses and creative communities involved in data processing, advanced manufacturing, clean-tech and artificial intelligence.

Associate Tommaso Franzolini is a key member of the Advanced Technologies team and commented:

It was a terrific exhibition at the NLA showcasing and promoting much needed good planning and infrastructure design for outer London Boroughs. We are excited to see our Smart Shed proposition featured amongst key transformational projects as we truly believe our logistic-led development strategies are now essential for London’s good growth and polycentric futures”.

The NLA exhibition showcases the results from the Insight Study featuring Smart Shed, showing how they are being reshaped to provide not only great places to live, but also to work, to serve the needs of local communities while supporting London as a whole.

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