Scott Brownrigg's Smart Shed integrates Urban logistics with high-value technology


Scott Brownrigg’s Advanced Technologies team has created “Smart Shed” an innovative building concept that integrates urban logistics with high value science and technology uses.   It addresses the unprecedented pressures being faced within industrial zones and by activities located in high-growth urban settings to globally change use, realise higher values, increase densities and integrate new employment premises.

As emerging business sectors such as e-commerce, bioscience, clean-tech, and design-manufacture increasingly locate in urban settings, potential market opportunities exist to facilitate the co-existence of urban logistics and contemporary industrial activities through innovative planning and architectural strategies.

The “Smart Shed” approach by the Advanced Technologies team recognises these pressures and needs and thinks differently about urban development.  From a planning perspective the “Smart Shed” is a new primer for smart development as it provides a solution to increase densities yet retain and transform existing employment, freeing up space for emergent technologies and lifestyles.

Architecturally, the concept features flexible spatial, structural and energy solutions aimed at attracting a range of businesses and communities increasingly involved in urban logistics, data storage and processing, advanced manufacturing, clean-tech and artificial intelligence. 

Click here to download Smart Shed. 

The objectives of the Advanced Technologies “Smart Shed” are to:

-           Create liveable productive (industrialised) quarters

-           Unlock industrial land

-           Respond to emerging trends in urban logistics

-           Identify new city-centre locations for industry

The approach frames these opportunities in specific economic contexts with realistic estimates of floorspace demand and supply as provided through Advanced Technologies ongoing collaboration with Savills.

Iain Macdonald, Director of Scott Brownrigg’s Advanced Technologies team explains:

“Smart Shed unlocks the value of industrial land by inserting a productive facility which delivers a flexible framework for urban logistics, high-value creatives industries and sustainable employment. Innovative spatial, structural and energy solutions makes the Smart Shed affordable, flexible and scaleable for businesses involved in advanced manufacturing, clean-tech, artificial intelligence and data.”