Two Tower, Culinary Quarter Scheme is granted planning permission


Scott Brownrigg’s design for a new London gastronomic destination and residential development, the Culinary Quarter in North Acton received planning permission last week by Ealing Borough Council. Designed for Culinary Quarter Limited and the Dephna Group, the Planning Committee applauded the mixed-use scheme for its elegant form and modern design; its unique mix of use and its ability to create over 300 jobs.

Located on what will be a 0.75 hectare, highly visible site, which will act as a key Gateway to the Old Oak and Park Royal development area, the scheme celebrates Park Royal’s rich food heritage. The new multi-faceted Culinary Quarter will provide a hub that will include space for production, wholesale and the retail of food, as well as innovation suites for tasting, researching and developing, which will wrap around a new public square that will provide a destination for the community and host pop up food, art and cultural events.

Dephna Group Chief Executive Nimesh Sachdev said: “The Dephna Group prides itself on providing the infrastructure to allow small and unique food producers to flourish. The modern trend in food production is to bring niche producers closer to the consumer, focusing on local crafts and specialisms, reducing food miles and removing the disconnection between the kitchen and the plate.  Many small food businesses are internet based, for these companies a point of sale for potential clients are becoming increasingly sought after. The Culinary Quarter gives us the chance to take this to the next level. This decision will allow our Vision of creating a Culinary Quarter which creates a community that celebrates food be realised." 

To support the creation of the new food quarter offer the development will provide over 40 serviced offices for administration, communications and logistics. This will be located in close proximity to the retail and cultural offer to provide the strongest opportunity for shared benefit from the uses. Residential accommodation forms a large part of the strategic masterplan. Located above the workplace and food retail in two towers of 35 and 25 floors, standing at 114 metres and 82 metres respectively, this sustainable mix of accommodation will help to establish a whole-life community homes for families, seniors, students and young people and comprise of 376 PRS units.

The residential offer is further strengthened by the new sense of place and enhanced public realm. The Culinary Quarter will allow Daphna’s extensive list of food makers to take the next step and add to the work they do in the factories of Park Royal, providing a 21st century food production and retail concept unique to the area. Within the modern, cosmopolitan urban environment, Dephna has the vision to expand operations from an industrial experience, to an interactive, customer facing retail concept alongside the commercial kitchens. This complementary suite of mixes will enable enterprising firms to have a “one stop shop” in North Acton, but can also provide accommodation for a wide range of food or non-food SMEs.

Of the decision Scott Brownrigg CEO, Darren Comber, who designed the scheme said:

The Culinary Quarter is an exciting new development which will provide not only a new visitor destination to London, but also much needed residential units. The elegant, high quality design of the towers, applauded by the Council will make a positive contribution on the skyline of London.”