Visit the Collaboration Caf


Visit the Collaboration Café - StickyWorld previews at the Building Centre

Open for business throughout March, the Collaboration Café forms the final component of a research and development project led by Slider Studio and supported by Edward Cullinan Architects, HTA, Make, Scott Brownrigg and University of East London.  The focus of the research, part funded by the Technology Strategy Board, has been to develop StickyWorld, a new project review and exhibition platform for creative business and education.

The idea behind StickyWorld is to create virtual rooms where people can pin up project work, present, mark-up and comment, create tasks and request changes, using virtual sticky notes.  StickyWorld sets out to enrich the design process by placing online review, collaboration and discussion at the heart of the design management process.

Each of the practices involved has been testing StickyWorld in a live environment for the last few months.  Scott Brownrigg is trialling the tool in the context of communications with its Cyprus office, as an internal design review tool and to manage and judge its regular drawing competition.  At Edward Cullinan Architects the team has been testing StickyWorld with consultants and clients for the Institute for Sustainability in the Thames Gateway and also with clients at Warwick University.  HTA are using it for design review communications with Danish manufacturers for a sustainable house type project, and Make are using StickyWorld to test masterplanning projects for overseas clients.  At UEL several units are testing StickyWorld, and Unit 9 has reviewed the emerging design of its large installation piece placed in the Collaboration Café window.

The 18 month research and development project culminates in the month long Collaboration Café at the Building Centre where the results of the research and the online platform will be exhibited. Visitors to the café can test StickyWorld and provide further feedback on the software or their thoughts on the state of collaboration in education, practice, with clients and communities.  On 30 March from 3 - 6pm, the ‘Collaboration Café Symposium’ will draw on the research project and the feedback collated throughout the month to discuss the state of collaboration in the built environment, including the technological possibilities, the cultural and contractural barriers and the future anticipated business and educational needs.

Venue:  The Collaboration Café, The Building Centre, Store Street, London
Opening times: 9 - 6pm Monday to Fridays
Dates:  3 – 31st March 2010  

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