9-11 Richmond Buildings, Soho

Almondbox Property Ltd

The practice has been appointed to design 13 new luxury apartments within a complex urban site in the heart of Soho, London. The scheme also contains associated amenity spaces including terraces and a basement car stacking system. The site is located immediately adjacent to the Soho Hotel and bridges over the vehicular entrance to Richmond Mews at floors 1–4 with one quadruplex dwelling to be marketed as “The Skyhouse”. This element deviates from the traditional massing to create an architectural gem, wrapped in a laser-cut bronze screen featuring a “louche” hidden media snug inspired by the Soho based film industry’s private screening rooms. The cut bronze screens are repeated on balcony details complimenting the precisely engineered brick façade which is suspended off the front of the structure and is only a single brick width deep. The sober suited, finely detailed façade gives way to an interior that is altogether more Rock n’ Roll, befitting its location.

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