Amathus Beach Resort, Rhodes

Claridge Public Ltd/Amathus Beach Hotels

This third commission within their portfolio of hotels involved the preparation of concept designs for the roof terrace, bar and restaurant, and the re-branding of the newly completed luxury suites, each with private plunge pool. The suites were designed by a previous architect, yet failed to meet client expectations. Our fresh new concept worked within the parameters of the newly completed existing building, drawing on inspiration from the surrounding lush green gardens, populated with local horticulture. The white ceramic tile covered terraces lacked both style and energy, a palette of natural materials including timber, slate and limestone was therefore introduced to create a more intimate ambience. In splitting the restaurant into two levels, a new bar area has been created. The design visually links the two levels, by creating a long, linear aquarium built into the floor, to allow natural light to penetrate to the lower level; fish and water create a dramatic play, reflecting light onto the lower floor of the restaurant.

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