Blue Abyss, Colchester

Blue Abyss

The practice is appointed as part of the consultant team on the Blue Abyss project to build the world’s deepest pool for spaceflight and human endurance research. Supported by NASA, the unique state of the art aquatic research, training and development facility will be the largest indoor pool by volume in the world at 50m long x 40m wide x 50m deep. The £40m complex will also house both hyper and hypo-baric chambers and a micro-gravity simulation suspension system for replicating the effects of weightlessness and low gravity in environments like those found on Moon and Mars. This R&D facility will be the first in the UK to focus on human spaceflight and its terrestrial benefits. A state of the art lecture theatre, six classrooms, a boutique hotel and an onsite cafeteria will complete the complex.

The project has also received coverage on BBC News and ITV News.