Chilton Trinity College, Somerset

BAM Constuct UK

The new Chilton Trinity Technology College in Bridgwater for 1,050 pupils also provides a shared community leisure centre which is attached to the school. The concept revolves around the ‘hive’ at the heart of the school, which acts as a beacon to the community and wayfinding reference around the school. The school is seperated into federations which plug into the central heart space and allow the school to function in a number of ways, by creating spaces that can be used for individual house bases, key stages or spaces that can nurture whilst others are more academic. "I received wonderful support from you and your team at Scott Brownrigg. From the outset your professionalism, dedicated and enthusiasm was evident and you showed a clear understanding of our vision for the school. The level of engagement has been exceptional and the opportunity to involve students and stakeholders coupled with your expertise has resulted in an exceptional design which impresses all stakeholders and visitors to the school. Your commitment and and excellent working relationships has delivered a school we can all be very proud of". Gareth Williams, Assistant Head Chilton Trinity

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