Discovery Channel, Europe

Discovery Communications

One of the practice’s notable strengths is providing architectural and interior design services for clients whose requirements transcend national boundaries and, in particular, for multi-national companies pursuing European or global roll-out programmes. An excellent example of this is Discovery Communications, for whom we have completed over ten office-fit out projects across Europe in locations including Sweden, Warsaw, Madrid, Amsterdam and Bucharest. The client's brief was to create a flexible and agile working environment that is welcoming, collaborative and inspiring - an environment which staff would be proud of. This is based on a ‘boutique office’ concept where the design of each individual office is tailored to suit its unique location. The underlying infrastructure that supports each Discovery office is very similar in each location, but the design concept is an expression of the identity of the business in its local market, reflecting the local culture and business practices. To deliver projects in such diverse locations, the practice collaborates with fellow members of the European Architects Alliance.

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