Hillview School for Girls, Kent

Galliford Try

Hillview School for Girls in Kent is the first scheme to be delivered using Scott Brownrigg and Galliford Try’s design and construction concept “Optimum Schools”. The concept provides an industry-leading approach to reducing the benchmark cost of school buildings without compromising design integrity or build quality. The scheme comprises of three new science classrooms and three new business studies classrooms including a ‘super-lab’ and a ‘super-classroom’ capable of housing 60 students. These spaces were incorporated to encourage the teachers to develop their teaching approaches and work more collaboratively. In addition there are two ‘break-out’ teaching areas, which are intended to allow teaching facilities to work as suite spaces, toilets, offices and storage. Cladding materials were chosen to provide the school with an eyecatching new facility which reinforces the strong simple form with an elevation that has an interesting rhythm and aims to provide a fun feeling without being too overbearing. The materials and colour strategy follows through from outside to inside creating a building with a unified aesthetic.

To watch a video of the completed school click here.

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