Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Tepe Akfen Vie (TAV)

The practice was appointed as lead designer, architect and interior design for the international terminal at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. The airport opened in January 2000 and has a capacity for 20 million passengers annually.  The terminal follows the concept of a central processor serving adjacent linear piers. The form of the building clearly expresses its function and the simple and efficient layout provides passengers with convenient and instinctive routes from the landside roads to the aircraft and vice versa.  Both the terminal and piers are arranged on three levels, with a spine of service and circulation cores marking the landside-airside boundary in the terminal. On the airside, a series of distinctive departure lounges with fully glazed sloping elevations reveal panoramic views of the aprons and allow plenty of natural light into the interior. The departures area is the defining space of the project. Its 240 by 168 metre roof structure, the ‘fifth elevation’ of the terminal, is easily identifiable from the air and clearly expressed in the interior. The roof is a grid of steel and glass pyramids supported on reinforced concrete columns at 24-metre centres. An innovative and award winning design feature is the use of seismic isolators placed between the column heads and the large roof structure, which are designed to protect the building in the event of an earthquake. In the first phase of construction, the 190,000 sq m terminal and the adjoining 180,000 sq m multi-storey car park with space for 7,000 vehicles were completed in 23 months.

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