KPMG Headquarters, Leeds

Sovereign Leeds

The site for this prestigious headquarters is located in close proximity to Leeds city centre, on part of existing surface car park in Sovereign Place owned by the Leeds City Council. To respond to the site context, our design strategy has created an architectural piece that connects to the existing city fabric and at the same time is responsive and adaptive to future development around the site. There are two principle facades to the buildings; the facades facing Sovereign Street to the south is the principle entrance for building occupants and visitors; Sovereign Street is currently the primary pedestrian route from Leeds Railway Station. The façade facing the future public open space, at the northeast is also a prominent elevation to be seen from the railway tracks, Swinegate and the future pedestrian link between the city centre and the South Bank Project. As indicated in the council’s development framework, together with the current scheme, located at the southwest part of the site, there will be two additional buildings which will encircle a central public open space at Sovereign Place. The northeast façade of the site is, therefore, not only considered as a prominent frontage, which is seen from a distance, but also an important component that creates the identity of the future public space.

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