Newcastle Research and Innovation Institute

Turner & Townsend Pte Ltd.

Scott Brownrigg has developed and delivered the new research facility at the Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability. Working closely with Newcastle University, the practice has created a group of laboratories, classrooms and visualisation suites that enable Newcastle University to expand its teaching facilities within Singapore.
The Research and Innovation Institute includes research laboratories and MSc and CPD teaching / training rooms that specifically allow the National Institute for Smart Data Innovation in Newcastle (NISDI) to be accessed and utilised in Singapore.

The design of the facility promotes collaborative working, with a range of learning environments that can be utilised in a variety of ways to accommodate everything from individual study through to large class teaching scenarios. The spaces within the facility are flexible and can be adapted through the range and types of furniture. A diverse range of workspaces are provided including informal, relaxed areas, open plan collaborative spaces and individual café style bars that complement the more structured facilities.

The design reflects the desire for openness and collaboration between staff and students, with spaces defined by implication rather that physical containment. The central study booths are created by a continuous linear component which folds along its length to provide smaller, more intimate learning zones within the large, open plan study area. The laboratories, seminar rooms and visualisation suites utilise internal vision panels to maintain visual connectivity whilst remaining acoustically isolated.

The completed research facility provides the location for education and industry to collaborate, whilst creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment that is progressive, unique and at the forefront of its areas of research.

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