NuGen Visitor Centre and Media Landscape


The Moorside project affords an opportunity to transfer knowledge about nuclear science and nature within a ‘learning landscape’. The creation of the spoil mounds to the north of the Moorside Project generates an opportunity to increase the provision of public access to the countryside for local residents and visitors.

Two overriding features will define the Visitor Centre, namely a replica control room-theatre and 360 degree views of the site and landscape. To maximise the flexibility of the control room-theatre located within the central four bays of the building a central column has been removed to provide a 16m clear span in both directions. Two 600mm deep steel trusses arranged in a ‘cruciform’ will support this clear span as where the top and bottom chords of each truss meet at centre span, they effectively create a moment connection and each truss is capable of supporting half of the total load applied to the central four bays allowing the ‘basket weave’ pattern of secondary beams to be maintained throughout the entire roof plane.

Air source eat pumps and a generator will allow the Visitor Centre to function efficiently and effectively ‘off-grid’ enabling it to become operational prior to the installation of site-wide infrastructure. Plant has been positioned both beneath and recessed into the top of the solid cores to ensure minimal visual impact. As with the office building, a displacement ventilation system in a raised floor will allow the ceiling to be free of major services.

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