Park Plaza Nuremberg

PPHE Hotel Group/Park Plaza

The practice has created the dynamic interior design concept for this iconic building located within the centre of Nuremberg. The design is inspired by Nuremberg’s most famous citizens such as Albrecht Dürer, the famous renaissance painter, mathematician and theorist, and Martin Behaim, famous for his creation of the world's oldest surviving globe. It captures the true essence of hospitality in the 21st century, with geometric shapes and textures, light features, ceilings and furniture design all combining to provide a relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere. The use of modern tones of pink gold with hues of foggy purples and grey and the combination of shiny textures with natural materials all create a design which seamlessly blends contemporary style with the rich history of this 1930s building.

The hotel has been featured in Sleeper Magazine, Design Curial and Home Journal Hong Kong.

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