Private House, Wales


This private house is located between two reservoirs, on a south facing slope, which falls some nine metres from front to back. Accessed via a private causeway, which serves both the house and the adjacent private fishing club, the site was previously occupied by a small red brick dwelling, owned by the local water authority. Outside of the settlement boundary, the local authority would normally only allow an increase in volume of 30%, however, consent was secured for 510 sq m (5,500 sq ft) against the existing floor area of 84 sq m (900 sq ft), as a result of careful and considered design of place and context. The house is organised as three pavilions, grouped around a contemporary version of a medieval cloister, with the courtyard device creating an entrance sequence similar to a vernacular grouped development, and alongside a welsh garden wall, it also creates a protected private space at the heart of the scheme. Each of the three pavilions, Living, Guest and Work are also placed to maximise the engagement of the unique site and landscape, as well as developing the modernist tradition of eroding inside and outside space.

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