Project Wellesley (Worthy Down Deepcut)

Vinci St Modwen

Creation of a unique military living and learning campus is the aim of Project Wellesley – a new tri-service training establishment for the Defence College of Logistics Personnel and Administration (DCLPA) at Worthy Down. The masterplan has as its vision, the aim to create a coherent suite of buildings that form the new military training establishment, to make an exemplary development for the future. The design sets out to enforce at its core the traditions and culture of our Armed Forces whilst embracing the vision to meet the evolutionary demands and aspirations of the future. Worthy Down at its heart is a military village in a countryside setting, the design includes new build Training College, SLA for all Ranks, Mess, RHQ, Medical and Dental facility, QM Store and Museum, along with associated Service Family accommodation located outside of the Camp.


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