QVC Media and Commerce Centre, London


QVC’s new facility at Chiswick Park provides a state-of-the-art multi-functional new development that includes four television studios and office space for 500 staff. It also accommodates all the necessary support and technical facilities required for a live broadcast channel. The brief required a design concept that would enable the company to streamline back-of-house processes, whilst creating a dynamic working environment to attract high calibre recruits, presenters and retail partners. The task for the practice’s design team was to adapt the base-build concept to create four HDTV studios, a restaurant and cafe, a mini-data centre, product storage, presenters' suites, green rooms and control rooms. This required a radical rethink of the internal layout. The studios are located at the top of the building, which simplified the redesign of the main structure. It also allowed for the creation of office space on the levels below, offering QVC greater possibilities for future adaptability. The facility’s design reinforces QVC's brand throughout and conveys the character of the organisation: friendly, fast moving, reliable, exciting, entertaining and engaging.

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