Three Rivers Academy, Surrey

Three Rivers Academy

Replacing the former Rydens School, Three Rivers Academy is a rare example of a new state school building procured outside the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Contractor Framework. Commissioned by the Surrey based Multi-Academy Trust - The Howard Partnership, the new school has largely been funded by the sale of surplus land for residential development.

Developed directly with the end-user client, a unified series of high quality, spacious facilities to inspire 21st Century learning have been delivered under a single roof, helping the school achieve its Vision to create a “world class learning environment for students”.

Conceptually these spaces form an almost creature-like arrangement, with a head (6th form and library), body (specialist teaching rooms and mall) and tail (sports and drama). The lateral pastoral Houses spring from the body like four separate limbs. The conceptual build-up of the limbs is akin to a stick of rock, the outer shell of standing seam cladding acts as a protective sheath which, if sliced through anywhere along the limb reveals the distinctive faculty colour within.

Designed to promote creativity, independent thinking and learning, the Academy breaks away from the traditional ‘receiver of knowledge’ mentality and has revolutionised the way in which the school connects with its pupils. A multi-use space flows 160m through the length of the building and is at the heart of the improved student experience.  ‘The Street’ lends itself to a great variety of activities, allowing a transparency that provides improved security and natural surveillance.

Three Rivers Academy has been featured in Architects' Journal. Click here to view article.

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