Yinchuan Airport

Yinchuan Hedong Airport

The practice was given a brief to design an impressive landmark airport building to raise the profile of the city of Yinchuan in China. According to Chinese mythology, Yinchuan is the home of both the phoenix bird and tree - symbols of high virtue, grace, power and prosperity. The design evokes the form of a bird with the spread wings of the envelope clad in a smooth, silver skin of metal panels. A space frame underneath this outer skin is supported by a series of tubular-steel structural ‘trees’, providing broad expanses of column-free space. A single longitudinal pier provides six contact gates for aircraft, four remote stands and one cargo stand. The pier is positioned directly beyond check-in, allowing passengers to flow naturally through towards the departure lounges and gates. The design also incorporates 25,000 sq m of car parking facilities.

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