Architects' Datafile: Practice Profile

Architects' Datafile: Practice Profile

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Consistently ranked among the leading UK architectural practices, Scott Brownrigg has grown steadily and diversified over the decades. Our CEO, Darren Comber speaks to Tom Buddy at the Architects’ Datafile about how Scott Brownrigg has evolved while nurturing talent internally and our approach to design quality, sustainability, and knowledge share.  

When identifying projects to pursue, each scheme is assessed against the practice’s defined set of requirements, to ensure it aligns with our “vision and values” as well as our “design and strategic targets,” explains the CEO. 

Comber asserts that the practice applies its criteria of rigorous analysis, quality of thought and quality of detail in every project. “How a building looks can be subjective, but the practice has always strived to be known for the quality of product, design and buildings or places that have longevity, and provide legacy rather than short term fashion appeal.”

The practice’s Design Research Unit (DRU), developed in 2004, monitors adherence to these principles while informing all levels of the design process. It acts as a ‘knowledge base’ and provides guidance when seeking out relevant opportunities and collaborations. 

“Scott Brownrigg has always had the philosophy to be a practice where individuals can create something special and develop their careers"

“Knowledge sharing and embracing the skills of others at all levels and stages of their careers” is harnessed as a way to help create a cohesive and united workforce. It also “keeps the design process innovative and forward thinking,” he says. This has been one of Comber’s core focuses since becoming CEO of the practice in 2010, he says – “fostering a working culture and environment where like-minded individuals can contribute and add value.”

“Scott Brownrigg has always had the philosophy to be a practice where individuals can create something special and develop their careers,” says Comber. Encouraging people to thrive while developing their careers is a long-term ambition for the practice, creating an environment which allows them to express themselves as architects.

Moving forward, remaining relevant while positively contributing to society is the practice’s overarching intention. “We want to continue to design meaningful projects which leave a positive and lasting legacy on the built environment,” concludes Comber.

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