Masterplanning & Urbanism

Masterplanning & Urbanism

Masterplanning and Urbanism at Scott Brownrigg are about realising your vision in four dimensions. Wherever in the world we work, we do it with the understanding that each line drawn will be part of the backdrop to people’s lives.

We are an international multidisciplinary team that understand and deliver clients objectives. We provide simple and effective solutions to complex urban problems across the globe.

We work collaboratively, creatively and innovatively to offer:

• Simple and clear programmes - We provide economically viable programmes for our clients while being socially and environmentally responsive.
• Comprehensive, research-based strategies - We respond and embrace the unique social, economic, sustainable and physical influences of each project.
• Integrated design solutions – We learn and reconsider the ever-changing challenges of today constantly and offer new ways of thinking and design about the places of tomorrow.
• Bespoke and collaborative services - We utilise skills from a network of architects, urbanists, engineers, critical thinkers and specialist experts to help our clients and stakeholders to navigate their business case while retaining their visions.

Our team celebrates the complexity of urban challenges and embraces the constraints of each project. We believe that each project should be seen as an evolution to achieve our client’s objectives, an ethos that is reflected in our process, we call it Iterative Placemaking.

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