David Mason discusses Blending Decor Styles To Look ‘Eclectic’ Rather than Messy in Mansion Global

David Mason discusses Blending Decor Styles To Look ‘Eclectic’ Rather than Messy in Mansion Global

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Project Director at Scott Brownrigg Interiors David Mason provides insight to Mansion Global’s article, Blending Decor Styles To Look ‘Eclectic’ Rather than Messy.

David Mason, Director

“Your environment can provide a wonderful hook for matching different styles”.

Each week international luxury real estate site Mansion Global tackles an interior design topic with an elite group of designers from around the world who work on luxury properties. The article looks to explore how one looks at how best to blend decor styles with David Mason offering insight with his recently completed scheme, The Corniche.


The Corniche is an iconic new development by St James and contributes to the regeneration of the Nine Elms development zone in London, representing the largest urban initiative of its kind in Europe. Situated on the south bank of the River Thames along the Albert Embankment, this signature Norman Foster building has a striking curvilinear form with an elegant flow of curved gardens and detailing which echo that of the river below.


The show apartment has been carefully designed to celebrate its contextual setting and outer form. The design concept fuses art deco and industrial influences by echoing similar lines throughout the room and suggests depth and richness whilst introducing a soft layer of romance to the space.


David Mason is one of four designers who were approached to contribute to the design article to offer their top tips for bringing together pieces of different interior design styles together.


In the article David’s contribution discusses specifically the living room at The Corniche, also designed by David. He comments: “When drawing different styles together, it’s important to think about how they work tonally as well as by form. A spectacular view can be enhanced by form, colour, and textures from an eclectic mix of bespoke furniture influenced by the location or the architecture.”


“Your environment can provide a wonderful hook for matching different styles. When you have two different styles in one place it’s important to separate any contrasting elements with enough space… This allows them to hold their own prominence in the room rather than clamouring for space.” "Look at the space you have and layer from there. Research what styles you like and what will work together. Make sure you take your views and the aspect of the room into consideration. When you get into the space itself, start with any fixed pieces of furniture you have, like a media unit, for instance. Anchor these key pieces in your room first, as these are going to be the features that will first draw your eye when you enter the room, then layer your room décor from there. For the focal point, pick a signature piece of furniture and let that piece speak for itself. It will draw the eye when you enter the room and bring a sense of personality, style, and space.”


David joined Scott Browrigg’s London office in 2016 as Project Director for the interior design sector and is responsible for leading major schemes whilst leading teams of interior designers to champion innovation. David has successfully led a range of high quality, highly complex projects, which have provided him with a wide variety and depth of experience.


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