Future Cities Forum: Levelling up report 2022

Future Cities Forum: Levelling Up Report 2022

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Future Cities Forum has been carrying out a series of ‘levelling up’ events in the UK, to assess whether UK government policy has been working effectively to create greater economic prosperity for traditionally poorer areas of the country.

Last month, Future Cities Forum explored how regeneration can deliver benefits for the region’s communities, and considered if Birmingham will be the first city to reach its climate goals in 2050 at its July forum in Birmingham, ahead of the city hosting the Commonwealth Games. Neil MacOmish, Board Director and Head of Digital, Cultural, Sport and Media at Scott Brownrigg, spoke of the importance of keeping an international perspective on culture and sports tourism.

“The way for Birmingham to capitalise on the games is to tell the story and preserve the shared and collected memories, these become very significant. Urban fabric is critical and but also the experience that the host city gives visitors, how people are treated when they are there.”

Future Cities Forum: Levelling up report 2022 is now live and available to read on the Future Cities Forum website here.

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