Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning Awards 2022

Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning Awards 2022

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On Friday 26 August, Director Ed Hayden delivered a keynote talk titled ‘Research, Design and Architecture, heading to Zero carbon’ at the Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning (MASP) Awards at the MUZA Courtyard in Valletta, Malta.

Launched in 2019 by the Planning Authority, the Malta Architectural and Spatial Planning (MASP) Awards have become highly regarded and a prestigious mark of excellence, recognising the best in architecture, Periti, interior designers, research and students.

The construction industry plays a vital role in the world economy, creating, operating and maintaining its physical infrastructure. It is also a major contributor to the world’s carbon emissions, with energy consumed at every stage of the infrastructure lifecycle. Transformational change is needed if we are to achieve a low-carbon built environment which can play its part in reaching the net zero target.

In his talk, Ed discussed championing zero carbon projects and design innovation across the wider industry; “At Scott Brownrigg we believe in ‘research based design’, we use the knowledge gained to inform our architecture, and low carbon, sustainable design is at the heart of this process. A key question we continuously ask is, what needs to be done now to accelerate the rate of transition of construction to a zero-carbon industry to best serve the needs of the planet?”

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